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To install this solution, download the WSP, and follow these steps:
  1. On your MOSS 2007 server, run stsadm -o addsolution -filename <path-to-wsp>
    1. You should now see a Feature named 404 URL Redirect List Template in the Site Features screen (Site Actions menu > Site Settings > Site features)
    2. You should also see a Feature named List Based 404 Handler in the Web Application Features screen (under Central Admin > Application Management > Manage Web application features)
  2. First, navigate to your primary site collection's root web site (this is normally your SharePoint's site's homepage), and Activate the 404 URL Redirect List Template; this will add a List Template named URLRedirect.stp to the site's List Template gallery
  3. Then, navigate to your Central Admin, choose the web application you want to add the 404 handler to, and Activate the List Based 404 Handler Feature; this will configure the web application to use a custom missing page file, create a list named "URL Redirect" in your primary site collection's root web site, and associate the two together
  4. Find the "URL Redirect" list, and begin adding URL's to search for, and define them with either a Redirect URL or a Display Message depending on how you wish to deal with the missing page
  5. Note, the Farm scoped Feature named 404 Settings Page is not needed for this solution to work; it allows you to change the Missing Page configuration of a Web Application directly, however this is done for you when activating the Web Application feature in step 3 above

Notes on SharePoint 2010
I've begun testing this WSS3 based WSP on a SharePoint 2010 instance, and begun working through some issues, which include:
  • In SharePoint 2010, Features try to Activate themselves during the WSP Deployment process unless told otherwise in the feature.xml file; this causes a problem with the way the List Based 404 Handler Feature interacts with the 404 URL Redirect List Template Feature
  • STP files from WSS3 are incompatible with SP2010; the packaged List Template STP file needs to be changed, and I'm considering offering two web scoped Features for this - one for WSS3 and the other for SP2010
  • Some code in the Custom404Handler.aspx page is incompatible with an OOTB SP2010 environment, with the generic "An unexpected error has occurred." message coming up; this is hard to debug with the code in its current state (being in-line within the ASPX file itself, and not being in code-behind) - I'm looking into the best way to resolve this

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